Honey Salve Is The Miracle Cure For Winter Dry Skin

As temperatures drop this fall heading into the winter season, we tend to look forward to hot chocolate, warm fires and the holiday season. One thing that we over look during this season is dry skin care. Honey Salve is a great way to treat dry skin during the cooler and dryer months.

Dry Skin - Honey Salve

Lower temperatures mean lower humidity levels in New England. As the outside air becomes cooler, water evaporates from the skin according to Jessica Wu of Everyday Health. Other ways that we compound the dry skin problem during cooler weather is hot showers, sitting by the heater or fireplace and hot coffee. These are all things that I love to do in the winter that takes the chill away from my bones but compound dry skin problems.

Dry skin occurs when the environment you live in everyday strips away your skins natural layer of fatty oils in your skin, leaving it with the now difficult task of holding onto moisture. This is the primary reason to use Honey Salve on your skin, it helps to hold moisture in your skin naturally and not with petroleum based products. Honey Salve doesn’t leave your skin with an oily, greasy feeling and most of all, it doesn’t put chemicals into your body.

Honey Salve - Dry Skin

Skin care products

There are a lot of skin care products on the market today, and some of them are great, but sadly many of them are so very bad for your body. Everything we need to heal the skin is already in nature. Why not use it? Honey products have become all the rage most recently in the skin care industry, which is a multi-billion dollar industry. Honey is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes and many other nutrients that serve as 100% natural moisturizer, exfoliator, and pore cleaners.

Honey Salve is a natural humectant. You might be wondering what is that? This is a term that is commonly used in the skin care industry. Humectant is an ingredient that naturally attracts moisture from the air into the skin. This is great because it helps to keep your skin moist and looking great. The great looking part comes into play with Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to decrease the appearance of scars.


The cure for dry skin

So, the big question you may be asking is, “How can I fight cold weather hydration issues with my skin?” Use a honey based cream or also known as a Honey Salve.

Our Honey Salve goes beyond just honey and beeswax. We also included amazing ingredients like coconut oil, lemon grass, grapefruit essential oil and ylang, ylang. These wonderful ingredients relieve and repair dry skin and help ease many other skin conditions.

When the time comes before the snow flies in New England, make sure you are ready for dry cold weather and are armed with a natural honey based product that’ll keep your skin feeling great no matter how cold or dry the weather gets this year.